Catering Services

Catering Services

We offer residential catering services to aged care facilities and boarding schools. We cater to hundreds of people every day, providing their meals from breakfast, through to dinner with snack options, aligned to the Dieticians NZ guidelines. 

We have a focus on fresh, quality ingredients and classic yet contemporary dishes that people simply love to eat. We can cater to special diets including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and FODMAP dietary requirements. Along with textured modifications for the aged care industry.



With our own production kitchens, we deliver food throughout New Zealand. Our catering services operate online allowing us to make real time updates and keep to stringent food safety standards. We can provide a wide range of catering options from a morning tea delivery to a full catering service with staff to serve it. If you’re interested in establishing an ongoing catering option for your business, get in touch today.

Aged Care

With contract kitchens New Zealand-wide, we have a great understanding of the needs for our aged care residents. We follow strict guidelines as set out by Dieticians NZ. Providing the correct nutritional balance and variety, keeping up with the food texture modifications, trends and flavours, while still creating ‘era’ suited menus makes for a recipe for success. For aged care we offer different levels of textured food including puree, mince moist, soft, and normal. Along with meeting a number of specific dietary requirements.

We have been working alongside our clients for many years and provide them with a range of on-site and off-site catering solutions to meet the needs of their residents. We have also worked with them on a consultation level, helping with the design and build of their new kitchen facilities. In consultation, we establish the menu and plan the associated food costs. Our clients use the Cibus Catering Food Safety App to ensure all staff, kitchens and food delivered meets food safety standards and their Food Control Plans are up-to-date.


Boarding School Catering

Cibus Catering can work with boarding schools to provide a wide-range of catering options. We focus on providing good quality, healthy food for growing minds and bodies. Young people need quality food to fuel them through their day of learning and high-energy sports and activities. Along with school catering, we can provide catering for school events, such as special dinners, fundraising events, and meetings, taking some of the stress away when it comes to organising the school calendar. A focus on fresh, seasonal produce means catering costs are reasonable and gives kids a wide variety of diet. If you’d be interested in ongoing school catering, get in touch.

In 2015, we were awarded the catering contract for the boarding facility at Columba College, an integrated Presbyterian school in Roslyn, Dunedin. There are approximately 120 international and domestic students from Years 7 – 13. We operate this contract with a trained qualified Kitchen Manager with input on a daily basis from Senior Management

The menu is changed each term and is planned in conjunction with the college and students. There is a salad bar each night with a salad of the day, main meal and dessert. Supper is served in the evening. During the winter term, cooked breakfast is offered once a week and soup is offered four times a week, for lunch or dinner. Brunch is served for the weekends. There are theme nights throughout the term and we encourage the school to use the dining room for special events, with the option of additional catering.

All menu and recipe planning is tested at our Production Kitchen and then loaded onto the specific Columba College iPad. This enables menus and recipes to be updated or changed instantly and staff cooking onsite follow the same recipe which gives consistent quality.

School Lunch Programme

Cibus Catering has been working behind the scenes to provide quality nutritional food for the school lunch programme. The Ka Ora, Ka Ako or healthy school lunches programme aims to reduce food insecurity by providing access to a nutritious lunch each school day.

Regular, nutritious quality food is vital for children’s physical, mental and educational development. Creating ‘kid friendly’ food while keeping it nutritious and healthy is the key to this venture. A lack of quality food can affect children’s ability to focus, concentrate and learn, along with their overall health and wellbeing. 

A typical weekly menu includes a variety of lunches such as wraps, vegetable sticks, dips, salads, rolls, sandwiches, yoghurt, fresh fruit daily and other  options. Menus reflect what available fresh and in season, along with feedback from the school. We understand that children’s tastes can vary, and it can be challenging introducing new foods and getting some children to eat new, healthy foods.

Improving the diet of kiwi kids can help improve wellbeing, support development and learning, improve concentration, behaviour and school achievement, reduce financial hardship amongst families, help children participate in school activities and attend school, while of course, boosting their overall health. All of this has major positive outcomes on the next generation of New Zealanders.

Working in consultation with dietician advice and the New Zealand Government has been an integral part of this venture. To find out more, please get in contact with us.