Food Safety App

Food Safety App

Following big changes to the Food Act 2014, Cibus Catering took a leap ahead and created a complete Food Control Plan System to allow all users to be integrated, without the need for paper! Along with creating the perfect Food Control Plan for your business, we can tailor-make web-based applications to complete all your recording obligations and give auditors and clients stress free auditing solutions for your business.

For a fraction of the cost of the big companies offering similar solutions, you can be sure that your data and information is stored and accessible withing a few clicks.

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Food Safety App

Your Cibus Catering Food Safety App easily intermingles with your Food Control Plan and general health and safety.

Why choose us over other Food Safety Apps? Our web-based app comes with full training on how to use the system and how it integrates with your unique Food Control Plan. Individual training is also offered at the initial set-up to make sure your team is well versed in the application and its varied offerings that are specific to your setup.

Your Cibus Catering Food Safety App is also tailored specifically to your kitchen and business. Making it unique to your situation, to meet your requirements as a business and staff obligations, without the extra unnecessary bells and whistles.

It makes meeting your obligations around self-auditing and having all the information for external audits incredibly available, with easy to use checklists for all staff and regular prompts. 

It also gives peace of mind when it comes to new staff hires or a high staff turnaround as easy checklists and procedures are just a few clicks away, making staff training easier and allowing staff working without supervision to easily see what’s expected of them and better meet food safety standards.

How the Cibus Catering Food Control App can help your business:

  • HR issues like reporting sickness are streamlined
  • Recording food temperatures becomes part of the routine, as does accurately recording all incoming goods
  • Cooking and cooling checks are easier
  • The daily cleaning can be easily carried out, recorded and itemised
  • All repairs and maintenance to kitchen equipment can be easily recorded, allowing you to keep a better eye on your equipment and make a more informed decisions about whether to repair or replace an item
  • Daily diary checks can have prompts and checks
  • There can be a weekly diary review with a checklist
  • Internal reviews can be filed at any time improving the overall business in one easy-to-access place
  • Customer complaints can be filed in one place, allowing for a more accurate record

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