Food Service Solutions

Food Service Solutions

Cibus Catering offers a wide range of Food Service Solutions to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. From our production kitchens, we deliver a wide range of meal options New Zealand-wide. Our stand-alone contracts allow us to cook fresh, quality meals and catering solutions on-site. We’re increasingly seeing that businesses are contacting us for our consultation services and quality advice when it comes to kitchen planning, menu planning, food and staff costs, and ensuring Food Safety Standards are upheld. If any of this sounds like you, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

Production Kitchens

Cibus Catering has large production kitchens that supply meal services to residential care facilities throughout the country, supplying food from tea bags to main lunch meals. Most of our clients opt for a fresh service, where the food is cooked in our production kitchen and transported to each facility to be served. 

From our kitchens, we also service residential care facilities and non-aged care providers (such as schools). We can deliver a wide range of meal options from breakfast to dinner and dessert, including light meals for morning and afternoon tea. We cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and FODMAP diets.

Stand Alone Contracts

Cibus Catering can provide purpose-designed stand-alone kitchens fully equipped and staffed for a complete meal service. We currently operate over fifteen standalone contracts in aged care facilities and boarding schools. Along with over ten contracts with our production kitchens and management contracts for approximately another thirteen. We are able to cook meals on-site and supply staff to serve the meals, along with a wide range of catering options.

Food Service Consultation

  • Kitchen Planning - We have extensive experience in kitchen planning and can recommend equipment for kitchens, particularly those specialising in residential care and can consult on kitchen layout and design.
  • Menu Planning - We can plan menus and format recipes for a set number of people, from recipe books, to electronic menus for kitchen use.
  • Staff and Food Costs - From our vast experience with a corporate company we are able to consult on staff levels and food costs, helping with budgeting advice.
  • Food Safety - After the changes to the Food Act 2014, there are more stringent measures in place to help keep everyone food safe. We have a team that can help with your Food Safety Plan, from set-up to monitoring your systems via an app, it makes food safety as easy as 1,2,3!

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